Friday, March 09, 2007

The Blue WHAT?

Kailey left softball practice last week with an assignment: to brainstorm potential team names that would correspond with their team color, royal blue. They would then gather at the next practice, share their ideas, and take a vote. Kailey's brainstorming took on more of an ethereal bent: Blue Skies, Blue Moon, etc.

The girls huddled at the end of their practice Wednesday night to settle the issue of the team name, and their coach encouraged them to share their ideas.

"Blue Birds!"

"Blue Tigers!"

"Blue Bandits!"

"I know," cried the coach's seven year-old son, a clever young lad, "THE BLUE BALLS!"

After the adults picked themselves up off the ground, the girls took their vote and settled on the Blue Bandits. But we all know what the real, unspoken name of the Blue Bandits is. I can tell you without a doubt what will be going through every parent's head each and every time they hear a "Blue Bandits" cheer:

Gooooooooo BLUE BALLS!!


The Beast Mom said...

Your kid's team SOOOOO needs a mascot. (A nice furry one. OR two. Hahahahaha - groooossss!) You'd all go to jail for the mascot, but dang, it would be funny. And I don't even want to go into what your "team cheer" could be. (So many ideas, not enough sewer depth.)

Speaking of sewers and such, I am HORRIFIED at what your plumber bills are already and what they'll total at the end. Good God. That's just not right. Does your home owner's insurance cover anything?


the battered ham said...

Nice segway! I haven't had time to contact our insurance agent yet...that's on my "to do" list for next week. I'm also going to do a little research to see if there are any class action suits against the manufacturer of the piping. It's American Airlines all over again!