Thursday, June 05, 2008

Taking a Vacation...FROM MY PROBLEMS!!

Sunday morning can't come soon enough. Cause when early Sunday morning comes, we pack up our crap, jump in the van, haul our pasty-white butts to Tucson International Airport, pay an insane amount of money to check our baggage (stupid American Airlines), and board an overpriced/overbooked plane on our way to a connecting flight, where we'll spend most of the rest of our day in airports and boarding planes. But all of that doesn't matter, because we're heading to a beach house on the Gulf of Mexico with no plans other than drinking Dos Equis and margaritas, and relaxing on the beach for a week. And I. Can't. Wait. I'm also excited because we'll be meeting my Mom and my brother and his family there, marking the first time all of us have vacationed together.

This vacation is long overdue. Diane and I have both been stressed to the max from different work situations, and both of us are literally counting down the minutes until we get the hell out of Tucson. Yesterday, we went out and spent about a million dollars on swimsuits, and I didn't care a bit because we need this vacation.

Of course the week before vacation comes is always hectic, and this week has been no exception. I decided to take a summer class (History of American Cinema) and was pumped to discover that it was an online course. No travel! I thought it would be a nice little summer class taken from the comfort of my home to be completed at my leisure. Not so. It's turned out to be the workhorse class from hell so far. We've only been at it for two weeks and I'm already behind. And heading on vacation will put me further behind. But I don't care. I'm GOING on VACATION, and I'll get the work done when I get the work done. Fortunately, I'm enjoying the content of the class, so it shouldn't be too burdensome to catch up.

A couple days of work, a couple of loads of wash, some packing and tidying up around the house, and we're gone. Too bad we have to come back.

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