Sunday, February 04, 2007


Kickoff for Super Bowl XLI is less that two hours away, and we're getting ready to head over to the in-laws for the big game. GO BEARS!!

Before we go, though, I feel compelled to issue a decree: that not a hair shall be shorn from my body until the Chicago Bears win a Super Bowl. That's razor shall touch my face, back or ears (entering mid-life sucks); no shear shall cut my hair; not even shall that pesky left eyebrow hair that pops out of nowhere every couple of months shall be plucked until the Bears win a title. Plush forests of hair shall be allowed to grow freely across head, face, ears, back, chest, stomach, legs, buttocks, places, until the Lombardi trophy finds its home in Chicago...

...or until the Cubs win the Series.

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