Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Impotant Thing...

Kailey recently became a published author with her contribution to the critically (or parentally) acclaimed book, The Important Thing About 2nd Grade. Don't look for it at; it's a limited edition with probably fewer than thirty copies in "circulation". Her class had the opportunity to witness the publishing process first hand as they embarked on this book-writing project. As you can see, each student contributed two pages, an illustration and corresponding description, of what they felt was the most important thing about 2nd grade. Topics ranged from P.E. to Math to recess and even lunch. Kailey decided to digress from the norm, to think outside the box. Her subject? Popcorn. Atta girl!! It's a great comfort to know that our investment in hours of tutoring is not going to waste.

I was seriously considering enrolling her in private school until I actually read her entry along with the rest of the book. Spelling issues aside (impotant pepol), her popcorn essay is very well written for an eight year-old, and, as one who enjoys writing, I was quite impressed. She chose a theme quite different than any used by her classmates, but then did a great job explaining why popcorn was impotant: "It is buttery and salty." Mmmmm...sounds good! Then she tells you how to make this very impotant snack so you can enjoy it too! And the taste? Oh, it's good. Even some of her classmates think so.

Kailey enjoys school, but it doesn't come easily for her. She has had to work really hard this year to keep up with many of her classmates. So when I see her produce work like this when I know how hard she has been working, it makes me beam with pride. For me, the most impotant part of 2nd grade is that Kailey continue to learn and grow at her own pace, and I'm confident that she's doing just that. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some popcorn to pop.


eshinee said...

Now, let's get you published. I sent an email but it got bounced. Send me your current address and I'll fix it in our address book, kay? Here's the email I tried to send to you and some other writers that we know:

OK, people ... one of us is going to win this thing:

click here to check out the contest

Email me back and let me know what you're submitting or if you're going to do something new. 2 words, man ... unsung hero. It's a natural.

the battered ham said...

Looks like fun...I'M IN!