Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tee Ball is His-to-ry!

This morning I attended my last tee ball game, EVER! Whoo hoo! If I never see another tee ball game, it will be too soon. No more kids picking their noses, digging in the dirt, or getting hit in the head with the softball because they weren't paying attention. Actually, I kind of liked seeing the kids get hit by the was the only entertaining part of the game. Perhaps I'm just a little grumpy due to a severe lack of sleep. For some reason, the league likes to schedule the tee ball games at 8:00 am on Saturday mornings when there's not another living soul on the park's four softball fields until at least 10:00. The only benefit to playing early is to beat the penetrating rays of the desert sun, but if I had my choice, I'd rather sleep the extra two hours.

By around 8:30, I was snoozing through this game. Diane and I took our seats at the top of the bleachers for no other reason than there were bars that we could rest our backs up against. I dozed off until it was Kyra's turn to bat. Then I made my way up to the fence to take pictures and video of her at the plate. In fact, it seems like all of the dads had their cameras this morning, and we took turns marching up to the fence to capture amazing moments of our offspring flailing their bats at that elusive yellow ball.

Kyra actually did pretty well at the plate, hitting off the pitcher twice. She always seems to have to use the tee on her last at bat, a victim of boredom or fatigue due the slow pace of the game. I think she was also a little bummed. She didn't get to do any of the things she liked during the game: she didn't hit first or last (the last batter gets to run all the bases after they hit), and she didn't get to play pitcher or first base, the two field positions that get 99.9% of the action. So she was pouting.

When I look back at the season, I think we should have moved Kyra up to the next level, into Kailey's league. She would have been stimulated and challenged more, and I believe she would have excelled. And, more importantly, it would have made our lives much less hectic! Oh well...coulda, woulda, shoulda. Just like my beloved Cubbies, there's always next year. Unless we enroll them in fall ball.

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