Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Nioxin...Does it Work?

About a month ago, I began experimenting with Nioxin when it was presented to me by my color technician sister-in-law. Shortly after making this public confession, I was encouraged by Beast Mom to take before/after pictures to show the progress. I was sceptical that the stuff would even work, but after a month of use, I believe there is a noticeable difference. So without further ado, I present to you the before/after effects of Nioxin, and you can be the judge. I'll address the side effects later.

First, my hairline before Nioxin. This picture was taken on Kailey's birthday, roughly two weeks before I started the daily Nioxin regimen:

OK. Now the after pic, roughly five weeks later. Thoughts?

As you can see, the runoff from my original application thickened my eybrows as well as darkened my skin, but I can deal with those side effects because I can definitely perceive a thickening effect in my hair. Highlights too!! Nioxin is amazing and I give it my wholehearted endorsement!


The Beast Mom said...

Nioxin apparently makes you look like a different race too. I dare you to email the company with these two photos and a glowing letter attached about how great their product is. heh-heh


Gary said...

Awesome stuff, it even changed your light hazel eyes to dark brown eyes.

Anonymous said...