Saturday, October 20, 2007

Oskee Ouch

I hate Michigan. I frickin' hate 'em. I hate losing to them, and I hate watching their fans celebrating in Memorial Stadium...our turf. It drives me crazy. There's nothing I love more than to see their smug mugs ground into the turf and I nearly peed myself with glee when they lost to Appalachian State earlier in the year. I hoped that tonight would be our night to finally stuff Michigan at home in a nationally televised game, but it wasn't meant to be. Illinois played a great game tonight, but too many penalties and one costly turnover ultimately did them in. I hate Michigan. I frickin' hate 'em.

We need one more victory to become bowl eligible for the first time in six years and we've got Ball State at home next week. I think it's time for Illinois to take out some two-game-losing-streak frustration on them and get us to a bowl game. Whatta ya say?


A Musing Mom said...

Ugh! I fell alseep while the Illini were still winning. Since I woke up with the flu this morning, I guess learning they lost doesn't make my day much worse.

I still say, "Go! Illini, Go!" (and so do my kids, no matter that the Illini aren't even playing in the game we're watching at the time. We've got them brainwashed!).

the battered ham said...

Sorry about your flu bug. I had it about a week ago...I feel your pain.

And excellent job brainwashing your kids. I've kind of done the same with my girls, except they've got "Cubs" on the brain. Last week as we watched the Bears lose to Minnesota, Kyra walked in and asked, "Are the Cubs winning?" I guess I still need to work on their "sport identification" skills.