Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We've Got Spirit...Yes We Do

This week is Spirit Week at Kailey and Kyra's school and so far the girls have displayed their full school spirit on Pajama Day, a day celebrated numerous times throughout the school year, and Mismatch Day, a day in which parents simply let their kids pick out their own clothes for school. Which brings us to today...80's Day. Diane and I didn't know whether to be happy or offended. When we were in school, Spirit Week always seemed to include 50's Day, which in retrospect probably pissed off OUR parents. When did we get so...OLD?

We decided to cast offense aside and help the girls out on this one. After all, we LIVED the 80's, dudes and 'dettes! Last night we conducted a brief consultation with the girls as to their 80's Day options and came up with the following: polos with turned up collars, jeans, cuffed, and ponytails in weird locations on their heads, preferably on the side. Easy enough. I was excited to show the girls how dorky we were back in the 80's, but it wasn't meant to be.

It started out well and good. The girls got dressed and turned up the collars of their prob. But everything started to unravel the moment I rolled those jeans into the tight cuffs that I used to wear for roughly four years of my life.

"They're kinda tight." Kailey protested.

"I know. That's how we used to wear them," I explained.

"I don't like it," Kyra chimed in. "I'm going to look stupid."

Oh, and you didn't look stupid on Mismatch Day?

Diane managed to get Kyra to wear a side ponytail, but Kailey wasn't having any of that either. So Kyra ended up going to school with a turned up collar, a side ponytail, and loosely rolled up boot-cut jeans. I wanted to tell her, "Oh, you're right, Kyra. That looks SO much better," but I held my tongue. Kailey just has her collar turned up. Neither one would let me take a picture of their "80's" garb. Now THAT'S the SPIRIT!

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