Thursday, November 16, 2006

Tanner, the Defecating Dog

OK, so all dogs defecate. But how many TOY dogs defecate? After reviewing my last entry, I was bummed that I couldn't show and help you fully appreciate Mattel's latest Barbie release, Barbie and her faithful companion, Tanner. I searched several websites for visual images of this amazing mutt's full range of potential, but to no avail. So I climbed up into the attic, fetched our girls' latest and greatest Christmas present from its hiding place, and put my faithful scanner to use. Those of you who are faint at heart may want to leave now.

Behold...Tanner, the Defecating Dog:

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Here she is...what a good doggy! So you start out by giving her a treat. I love the caption..."YUM!" The problem is that what goes in looks amazingly similar to what comes out. A little while later, Tanner needs to go outside. Here's the money shot:

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"Oh-oh" is right! Looks like Tanner had a little bit of a poopy. That looks like more than a couple of treats. Looks like Tanner might have gotten hold of a small animal. But never fear, Barbie is here to make things right with her super-duper-pooper-scooper!

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Barbie IS the best! She scoops the poop with a smile. She doesn't even have to plug her nose, and, hey, no gagging! Why train your kids to clean up real dog feces when they can PRETEND to do it first? See, kids, it's not so bad. Now get out in that backyard and give your dad a hand!


ROBOCUB said...

OMG hysterical! But I'm dying to know what the the last picture, there is a caption that gets cut off. It starts to say, DOLL CANNOT...

What is the rest of it?

the battered ham said...

You're going to be sorely disappointed...instead of saying "Doll Cannot Pick Up Canine Feces" or "Doll Cannot Operate Pooper Scooper", it merely says "Doll Cannot Stand Alone". Duh. Like we're going to return it because it won't walk a dog or scoop shit on it's own. Anyway, that's what it says. Sorry for the letdown.