Monday, November 06, 2006


I've coined a new phrase recently (a new phrase in our house, anyway), and it is, yes, you guessed it, "shoozerboots". It is most often used in the morning when I am getting the girls ready for school. Allow me to demonstrate its usage: "So, what's it going to be today, Kailey/Kyra, shoozerboots?"

I never used to have to ask this question, but since the whole Halloween boot-buying craze, I have to ask it on a daily basis. And then I wait patiently for an answer as each girl carefully thinks it through. This process usually entails pursed lips and eyes slightly turned upwards. Kailey mutters as she makes her decision, which is based solely on what "special" class she has that day. "Let's see...yesterday we had art, which means that today is music and tommorrow is PE, so...BOOTS!"

Kyra's process is a little more subjective and based upon whether or not she feels like playing in the sand during recess (we've told her that she can't wear her nice boots in the sand, but have since softened on the matter). "Well, yesterday Arianna was mad at me for not playing in the sand, so (big pouty voice)" It's amazing the level of drama that can be drummed up in kindergarten.

Whatever their decision is does not matter to me, just as long as I get to ask the question, say it with me, "SHOOZERBOOTS?"

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