Saturday, August 18, 2007

Skechers...the Key to Happiness

I bought some new shoes the other day.

I haven't bought shoes in a couple of years.

I hate buying shoes.

I hate shopping.


Which is why I haven't bought shoes in a couple of years.

I went to Kohl's to buy a new pair of running/athletic shoes.

But I couldn't find any I liked.

I saw these on my way out of the store.

They're Skechers.

They looked cool.

I liked the stitching...

...and the little nubby things on the bottom.

Even though you can't see them, I know they're there.

I tried them on.

They looked even better on my feet.

They felt good, too.

Good and comfy.

So I bought them.

They make me happy.

I'm smiling.

If I'd have known that these shoes were the key to happiness, I'd have bought them a long time ago.

If only my meds had the same effect.


The Beast Mom said...

Those are cool looking.
I'm surprised you don't like shopping. You always dress nice.


Aracely said...

Looks cool and comfy shoes with contrast stitching. I really love this pair and would pick the same at Skechers.