Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I'm Drinking Tonight

USC 49
Illinois 17

'Nuff said.


WilyHacker said...

We had our orange on and joined other college friends to watch the game. One "friend" kept talking about how the last Rose Bowl we lost 45-9 (yes he is an Illinois alumnus). He was chastised repeatedly.

At half time, the chief dance was done and the Alma Mater sung. We did our part. Despite the fact that we didn't know how to protect the ball from being stripped, I still have a chief on my clothes today.

the battered ham said...

Atta baby!

I will be slinking into work today under an invisibility cloak as I was quite vocal about how I thought it would be a "hell of a game" and that Illinois was going to give them "more than they could handle", etc. Do I have egg on my face? An omelet, perhaps?

The Beast Mom said...

Yeah, the game sucked. Very disappointing. At least there were some great stuffed mushroom appetizers at Joe's house.


the battered ham said...

We didn't have any tasty stuffed mushroom appetizers. Just lots of beer. Still didn't help.

rasaiki said...

At least you don't live in Southern Cal, home of the premiere bandwagon jumpers -- where 'SC gear is something worn to be trendy.

Glad I don't go back to work until Monday


the battered ham said...

Sounds like you're the one who really needs the invisibility cloak. Or some of that trendy 'SC gear to "blend in".

Screw that. Keep your head high, wear your brightest orange, and tell everyone they should thank us because we made them look really, REALLY good on Tuesday.