Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Little Adult Time

Tomorrow Diane and I are going to take a little midweek respite from the organized chaos that is our lives to enjoy a little one-on-one adult time. It's OK. You can think dirty here. I can't wait, and not just for the dirty part either. We're heading up to Phoenix to see Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, of Once fame, on their The Swell Season concert tour at the Orpheum Theater tomorrow night. Once was one of those movies that stuck with me for days, and I found myself constantly humming or singing Falling Slowly, this year's Academy Award winning song. When I found out they were coming in concert, I jumped at the chance to get tickets. I'm stoked.

We're going to spend the night in Phoenix, sans children, and after the concert the sky's the limit. Perhaps we'll go out and have a few drinks, do a little salsa dancing, sing some karaoke, and generally party 'till the cows come home. Yeah right. In reality, we'll check into our hotel room and fall asleep watching Leno. We're becoming old souls in our not-so-old age. Oh well, at least we're getting away.

Enjoy the clip!


The Beast Mom said...

Have a great time! I really enjoyed this movie and the soundtrack. I checked out Hansard's other CD's too. I think this was one of the more real movies of the past couple years. I blogged about it a while back too.

Have you listened to any Damien Rice? I first started listening to him a while back and noticed he was one of the music consultants on this flick. I thought that was interesting. Guess the Irish like to stick together. ;) D. Rice's music is totally anst-ridden. But it's honest. More honest than some people like. His music caught my attn from a movie too.

It's funny how certain movies have songs that jump out. I think of "Once" as a musical. So many songs really stood out. I couldn't stop laughing at the impromptu song he played on the bus to explain his ex-girlfriend. That was freakin' funny.


battered ham said...

Thanks! Yeah, I've downloaded a couple of Glen's other CD's, including his band, The Frames. I have some of Damien Rice's stuff too. Gotta love the Zune.

"...but she went and screwed some guy that she knew, and left me in Dublin with a broken heart..."

Sheer poetry.