Saturday, April 12, 2008

We Want a Pitcher!

Softball season has been in full swing again for the past month. The girls are on the same team this season with yet another team name and another team color, and their dresser drawers are now beginning to overflow with past uniforms. At least we won't have to shuttle between two sets of practices and games this season. Yee ha.

Still, I've felt a bit out of it because between work and my classes, I haven't been able to make any of their practices and only half of their games. I really hate that, but I look at it as a short term problem where hopefully in the future I'll be able to see all games and practices.

I was able to go to their softball game this morning where Kailey pitched in her first game. We were so excited and so was she. Kailey has been practicing hard on her pitching this season, coming an hour early to practices to learn and work on her technique. Throwing a softball underhand, hard, and accurate is no easy task. It's much more difficult than pitching a baseball, at least in my opinion, and I'm proud of the way Kailey has dedicated herself.

Her first outing was a little rough. She pitched one inning, threw two strikes, hit one batter, and gave up three runs. But she looked damn good doing it!

She said she had fun and wasn't nervous at all. That's OK because Diane and I were plenty nervous for her. It's a little nerve wracking when your kid's pitching and the crowd is dead silent, waiting for her to throw a frickin' strike. When she finally did, everyone cheered like the Cubs won a pennant.

When she finally got out of the inning, she came over to us grinning from ear to ear. Someday she'll gauge her performance by the numbers she produces, but not today. Today she was the pitcher, her team won the game, and that's all that mattered.

Oh yeah, and Kyra played one heck of a catcher!


The Beast Mom said...

So essentially, your two girls control much of the game.

That is great that one's the pitcher and one's the catcher. Have they been using secret code signs at home yet? I hope so. :)


battered ham said...

At this point, the only sign they should be sharing is the one for "get the frickin' ball over the plate".