Saturday, April 05, 2008


So I've been keeping pretty busy with classes, family, and home busy that I've totally neglected this blog. I have a bunch of incomplete posts that I've just been too tired to finish, but I thought today I'd at least try to give you a little sample of what's been sucking up my time. These are a couple of the assignments from my digital video editing class...kind of fun.

In this assignment I was playing with different filter effects to manipulate the video. The result was a psychedelic trip. Adding the intro to Loser by Beck was the perfect finish.

This assignment dealt with layering video, creating multiple windows of video, and setting it all in motion.

I've learned a ton and am thoroughly enjoying the class. Now if I could just translate it into full time employment.

Please hire me.


The Beast Mom said...

Those are cool.
What I want to know in Vid 1 is...what is that substance being stirred? Is it peanut butter?


the battered ham said...

Thanks! No, it's not peanut butter, just plain ol' yellow paint. You must've just been hungry :)

The Beast Mom said...

I think I associate peanut butter with your family. I don't know why. Yellow paint. huh.


battered ham said...

Yeah, we get that from a lot of people.