Friday, January 12, 2007

Breakfast in Bed

This morning as I was frantically composing my third complaint letter to AMERICAN AIRLINES (more on that later), Kyra approached me with a piece of paper. "Can I take your order, please?" I looked at the paper where my wife listed several breakfast-y options. Apparently, they were going to prepare me a birthday breakfast. Sweet! "When you know what you want, just circle, no, UNDERLINE them. Then I'll come back and take your order." She then ran off to play. I don't know only took me two seconds to complete my order: French toast, scrambled eggs, orange juice, and coffee.

She returned a short while later, then disappeared with my order. I turned my attention back to my scathing letter to AMERICAN AIRLINES, sons of b..."Oh, hi Sweetie!" Kyra reappeared at my side with a twinkle in her eye.

"Awww, Daddy, you look exhausted." Kyra doesn't pronounce her "R's" very well, so she sounds a little like Tweety Bird. "You should go back to bed and get some west." I smiled as this was a much-welcomed distraction from the daunting task of dealing with AMERICAN AIRLINES. I grabbed her hand and allowed her to lead me back in to the bedroom where she tucked me into bed. "Alwite, you just west and get some sleep." No argument here.

She and Diane tiptoed into the bedroom with, SURPRISE, my breakfast, complete with a birthday candle. Diane lit the candle and they sang to me, and I blew out the candle and made my wish (that AMERICAN AIRLINES would go out of business...darn, I guess now it won't come true).

Kyra joined me a short while later because to her, breakfast in bed is pretty cool. She told me that she didn't get to have breakfast in bed on her birthday, so she was going to have it on mine. Fair enough. So we sat there next to each other chowing down on French toast, dropping powdered sugar down our shirts, and watching Regis & Kelly. Not a bad way to start the day. Now bring on the presents!

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