Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's Snowing...In Tucson

Late afternoon rain turned to early evening snow, with big, fat, fluffy, silver dollar-sized snowflakes tonight. It was pretty cool. So far I would say at least an inch has accumulated, transforming our desert backyard into a winter wonderland. Global warming?

The girls are LOVING it. They frolicked out into the backyard in their tennis shoes and "winter" coats, which are basically fleece-lined windbreakers. They had a snowball fight and pelted me several times as I attempted to document the event on video (cowards). Kailey even attempted a snow angel until she realized that snow is a frozen form of H2O and arose with a wet butt.

The frolicking lasted a whole fifteen minutes which is about all we thin-skinned desert dwellers can handle in the cold. The girls are now in bed, snow is still falling, the temperature is 32 degrees, and I don't think Tucson has the resources to clear snow. So I'm thinking tomorrow will likely be a snow day. Oh joy.

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