Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Perhaps We Won't Celebrate Chicago-Style

My beloved Chicago Bears are playing in the Super Bowl next Sunday, in case you just crawled out from under a rock. I grew up in central Illinois where I was doomed to become a long-suffering Bears (and Cubs) fan. That is until the 1985-86 Super Bowl Shuffle team destroyed everyone in their path (exept for the lowly Dolphins). We enjoyed one year of celebration before the Bears (just like the Cubs) settled back into mediocrity at best, if not downright ineptitude.

Until this year. I hoped, but honestly did not believe, that this year the Bears would have a chance to play for the title. They have given me glimmers of hope in the past, only to smash it to smithereens and then stomp and grind it into a fine dust. They haven't won the title yet, and could very well perform their perfected smash, stomp, and grind during the Super Bowl, but at least they've got a shot.

So we will be watching the Super Bowl with vested interest this year and wanted to do something special for the occasion. Diane came home from work last night and told me of a co-worker, a home-grown Illinoisan, who was ordering Chicago-style pizza from Gino's East in Chicago and having it delivered for the game. Apparently, they partially cook it, freeze it, pack it in dry ice, and then ship it. Pretty frickin' cool. We like Gino's East, but our Chicago-style, deep-dish pizza of choice is Giordano's. We decided to check it out.

Diane jumped online first and found the Giordano's website. For some reason, their website took forever to load and navigate even though we have high-speed DSL. She grew frustrated and asked for me to take over. So I did. I ordered a 12" Cheese and a 12" Spinach pizza for around $34. I figured shipping would be around $10-$15. I went to check-out when my eyes bounced off of the monitor at about the same time that my jaw slammed onto the desk. The total, for TWO (2) 12" deep-dish pizzas was just under $83!

What the crap!!

A closer look revealed a shipping charge of $45 and change. No frickin' way!! I went to Gino's East to see if they were any better. They were, but not much. Shipping was only $18, but two 11" pizzas were $54!! I can't say for sure, but I wonder if these places are sticking it to potential Super Bowl customers. In any case, we were bummed to say the least, which seems to be happening a lot lately (stupid American Airlines). We so hoped to have Chicago-style pizza while rooting for our Chicago-style Bears, but I just couldn't pull the trigger. Is $83 too steep for two pizzas? For now, it is. But I still have another day to change my mind.


The Beast Mom said...

I hope the Bears win. It's been 21 long years.

You could always try to make a Chgo style deep dish pizza...and use the rest of the money for beer and guac, which ARE good on the west coast (unlike pizza).



rasaiki said...

Hey B-Hams,

Just got your Christmas letter and pic yesterday. Wow! Your girls are growing up so fast!

We will likely break out our Lou Malnati's pizzas on Sunday. Rich's generous brother keeps us supplied with the Chicago staples. If you break down and decide to order, it's worth checking out tastesofchicago.com to order pizza from Lou's (our favorite), Italian beef from Portillo's, Vienna Beef dogs with the nuclear green relish, or Eli's cheesecake... I know it's pricey (it's the overnight shipping on dry ice that makes it expensive), but it's worth the splurge, especially for this special occasion. It's been 21 years since they've been here, after all!

Go Bears!

the battered ham said...

Thanks for the info guys! I'll check out both options. There's also a restaurant on the other side of town that serves Chicago-style pizza. We may check it out, but I won't hold my breath as far as quality goes. I'm not one who usually shuns a good splurge, but $45 for shipping? For the love of Pete! We'll see.

And, yes, we are incredibly lame...sending out our Christmas letters a month after Christmas. "Better late than never?" Yeah, add that to my list of lame mantras. Great hearing from you guys!

Go Bears!