Sunday, September 09, 2007

Of All The Days to Start Fasting...

...from television: opening day of the NFL season, and I saw NONE of it. Nada.

My class assignment this week is to fast from television for 72 hours, then write a reaction paper describing the experience. Seeing as how I WATCH TV FOR A LIVING, putting your very favoritest shows on your wide screen HD TV for your viewing pleasure, I burst into laughter upon reading it. I'm not addicted to television, and with the exception of watching LOST, which doesn't come back until January, I could probably find many more worthwhile things to do with my time than watch TV. In fact, if it were up to me, I would watch very little TV while at home. The hard part is not getting enticed when Diane and the girls watch TV. Since Diane only watches reality shows, and the girls watch Disney, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon, this shouldn't be too hard. So I decided to give the assignment the good ol' college try. Sorry.

I was 100% with the program until about 7:30 this morning when a thought sat me bolt upright in bed...THE BEARS PLAY THE CHARGERS TODAY! FOR REAL! I broke into a cold sweat. How could I have forgotten something so important! Like forgetting your anniversary! OK, not that bad, but close. Today my NFL withdrawal was going to come to an end as I partook in a double-dose, nay, a triple-dose (how could I forget about Sunday night football?) of bone-crushing pigskin action.

But it wasn't meant to be. I stuck to my guns and refrained from spending any time in front of the boob tube. Instead I spent the afternoon playing with the girls and working on some of their softball skills, which I have to admit was probably time better spent. I later logged on to the computer to see how the Bears fared: a 14-3 loss to the Chargers. Three measly points? My time was DEFINITELY better spent. And I was in a better mood too. Hell, if this is how the Bears are going to perform, I'll GLADLY fast from television for the rest of the season!


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel, man. I was out of the house from 8:30am - 9pm yesterday. Then, I realized that the concert I agreed to go to tonight would keep me from watching my 49ers (who are rarely televised here in Seattle unless they're playing the Seahawks) on Monday Night Football. It's a sad couple of days.

But on the plus side, Illinois' football team (1-1) now has a better record than Michigan's (0-2). :-)


the battered ham said...

Great hearing from you! Who are you going to see tonight?

I watched Michigan get blown out on Saturday and loved...every...precious...second of it! Unfortunately Illinois had to play Western Illinois to GET that better record, but, at this point in their pathetic football program, we'll take what we can get.

Anonymous said...

Joe and I went to see Daughtry at the Puyallup State Fair. I'm not very familiar w/ them -- they were just ok. Only played for about an hour.

Yeah, I thought that about Western Illinois, too. I mean, who CAN'T beat a I-AA schoo...oops, sorry Wolverines! :-)


the battered ham said...

HA! I LOVE IT! It's so fun to hate on Michigan.