Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Weird Science

This is Kailey's science project. It's been hanging on the wall of her classroom for about a month, ripening. I think it finally repulsed her teacher enough for her to urge Kailey to take it home. I now share it with you, dear reader, before plugging my nose and dumping it into the trash.

Any questions?

Oh, and my friend Brandt also sent me this solution to my book light crisis.

Yes, those are night vision goggles. Thanks, my friend, but these babies might fall into the realm of "overkill". Besides, I'd probably need to see a chiropractor after using them.


The Beast Mom said...

That's like the guy from "Splinter Cell". Have you ever played that video game? He wears that same contraption.

Bryant made some night vision goggles out of three toilet paper rolls taped together. I don't think they "work". Could be wrong. Mom is apparently getting stupider every day. So who knows. He's probably out spying in the neighborhood while I'm sleeping. ;)


the battered ham said...

I'm sorta banned from video games since I have a tendency to get a little 'dicted to them. Maybe you have Bryant make me a pair and I'll test them out!

David said... aspiring scientist! It warms my heart.