Sunday, November 11, 2007

Post Concert Wrap Up

Concert posters were made, paraphernalia was purchased in mass quantities, hearing was lost, voices were screamed and sung hoarse, and a good time was had by all at the Jonas Brothers/Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert at arena in Glendale. I knew the girls would love it, but was genuinely surprised when Diane reported that it was a really good concert. Who knew? A pictorial review:

Hannah did indeed rock. Both of the girls made posters to display during the concert. I forgot to ask them if they were able to take them into the arena.

As official Hannah Montana fan club members, Kailey & Kyra had an opportunity to win raffle tickets for an official tour of Miley's party bus. They arrived too late to participate.

The Jonas Brothers were the opening act. I didn't hear too much about these guys...

...but this is a shot of Kailey during their set. Look at her eyes, all glossed over and dreamy-looking. I was surprised she didn't come home with a Jonas Brothers poster for the wall of her room. She did, however, choose the hot pink Jonas Brothers T-shirt over Hannah Montana.

The girls called me at work during the intermission, and they were hyped. It made me sad to miss that experience with them. Kailey kept going on about how loud it was in the arena. "The Jonas Brothers came out, and all the girls were screaming at the top of their lungs," she gushed. "I had to cover my ears!" OK, now I was less sad to miss the experience of ten thousand girls screaming at the top of their lungs.

"I could feel my heart beating in my chest!" Kyra reported, trying to explain the feeling of bass pulses reverberating inside her chest. I laughed, knowing exactly what she was talking about, and then felt sad again.

(Revision: I thought I'd better add a little more about The Jonas Brothers since I've been receiving about a million hits from a JB fan site. I polled the girls and they said that the Jonas Brothers were "awesome". Cool? Oh, and here's another JB pic for your enjoyment.)

Hannah/Miley's stage set up.

Miley did a couple of different sets, first as Hannah Montana followed by a set as herself. After all, she's going to need to establish her own identity as an artist. She can't be Hannah Montana when she's 30. Right?

She also had about 350 costume changes, because you just simply can't wear the same outfit for two hours.

Kyra singing along and having the time of her life. And who's freaky stalker-looking dude in the background? Mind yer own BEESwax, dude! I'll have to edit him out of the picture.

Here Miley's doing what I think is a solo acoustic set, if I remember the report correctly, which further impressed Diane. The concert wasn't a simply choreographed lip-synch show. Miley is a very talented young lady.

Here the girls are pulling Grammy away from the Beer, Wine & Spirits stand...again! Kidding. I just think this is a hilarious backdrop for a "family" photo.

They spent the night in Chandler and finished off their trip with, what else, a little shopping! They made it home safe and sound Saturday night, and I'm glad to have them back. By the way, I had the house to myself on Friday night and didn't do ONE load of laundry.


Muddleman said...

I hope you got the same post-concert present that I usually get. Whenever my wife comes back from a concert, I get a bonus the next day. That is, by yelling herself hoarse to be heard over the noise of the crowd, she gets a case of laryngitis by the next morning. An entire day when my wife can't talk to me? What could be bad about that.

[What honey? Sorry, I can't hear you, what? . .. ]

the battered ham said...

No such luck, because I love my wife so completely that I can think of nothing better in whole wide world than to talk to her for hours and hours and hours (can you tell that she reads my blog, comments included?).

Courtnie said...

I LOVEE that girl's Jonas Brothers shirt! I want one now! I wish I could go see them but all the Hannah Fan's made it sold out! I might be able to go! The Jonas Brothers pictures were AMAZING! It look's like jB put on an amazing show lie=ke they always do! =) If I go, I'm deffinatley getting that jB shirt!

Anonymous said...

I am a Jonas Brothers lover.
I have been for about 4 years!

lol .

I love them like crazy. Not to be mean or anything but im sure i love them more than your daughter! lol.

Nick has type 1 diabetes like me. I would love to marry him! I have all of this JB stuff! My room is absolutley COVERED in them!

And a lot of other stuff!
I've seen them in concert 13 times also and met them 3 times, and everytime nick says im beautiful!
I love them soooo much! I would die for them!

--Mrs.Nicholas Jerry Jonas !